Celebrity net worth: Understanding the economics behind the entertainment

 Celebrity net worth and brand advertisements

Advertisements are an important source of income for celebrities. Celebrities and the companies they endorse enjoy a perfectly symbiotic relationship. By endorsing a reputed company’s products, celebrities end up increasing their brand value and thus uplifting their net worth, as observed by celebritynetworth. Also by being in advertisements and billboards, the screen time occupied by a particular celebrity increases which directly affects his or her popularity and prominence. As for the company, having a celebrity launching and endorsing a new product helps it to get visibility in the market. The celebrity’s brand value also ensures a good response initially and if the product is good enough, it ends up being a resounding success.

Managing a celebrities money


celebrity net worth


Celebrities also tend to convey a social message through their films but their social responsibility is not only restricted to just movies. Celebrities are attached with charitable trusts around the world, especially in poor and under developed countries, where they make a sizeable donation for the causes close to their heart. Celebrities have managers who manage their wealth. They also have the very best of financial experts at their disposal who offer them advices on their investments and expenditure. In short, celebrities have their money professionally managed.

Assets owned by celebrities

It has also been observed that the bulk of a celebrity’s net worth is mainly in the form of assets instead of hard cash. Assets include villas, supercars, vintage machinery, jets, apartments; shares, bonds, treasury bills and even amusement parks-Michael Jackson owned an amusement park themed around Peter Pan’s never land. By doing so they are not only safeguarding their money from possible theft in case of burglary but also doing well for the society as assets are taxed more by the government generally. Since they have proper documentation, they have a good resale value as well thanks to their owner’s brand value and all these factors combined contribute positively to a celebrity’s net worth. There are numerous websites like http://celebritynetworth.wiki which offer an insight into the economics of a celebrity’s life.