6 Biggest Income Sources of Celebrities to Maintain Their Celebnetworth

Many people anticipate that is easy to make money as a celebrity. This is so not true. In order to maintain theirceleb net worth, celebrities have to do some odd jobs as well. They are just a tad bit better at maintaining their finances well. Just acting in films or singing or just playing some ball aren’t the only sources of income for them.

Listed below are six such sources of income that celebrities try out in order to increase their net worth.

6 biggest sources of income of celebrities

  1. Teaching

A lot of celebrities make money by teaching about their craft to fellow students. Most actors become a part of some reputed drama school and hold seminars or classes, as per their wish. Actors like James Franco, Kevin Spacey are some names who have made it big teaching.

  1. Ad campaigns in Japan

It is insane the amount of money Japanese TV pays to star in their ad campaigns. Many celebrities like Nicholas Cage, Tommy Lee, Bruce Willis have starred in such campaigns and advertised for products.

  1. Restaurants

Many players, singers and actors have opened their own line of restaurants that make good money. Some names include Michael Jordan, Eva Longoria, Ludacris and so on.




  1. Cruises

Cruises are a good source of income for many celebrities. Many even conduct their own album tours on it like The Backstreet Boys.

  1. Video Games

Earning royalties from video games are another favoured source of income for many celebrities. Some games utilise the voice and face of these celebrities for which they receive a rather handsome fee.

  1. Real estate

Celebrities like Donald Trump and Jennifer Aniston literally make money through real estate in order to maintain their celebnetworth. For example, Aniston sold a $13.5 million property for $35 million simply by buying and selling it.