See How Celebrities Broke Stereotypes and Paved Their Path to Success

The biggest secret to gain undying fame is to have diversity in your ventures. A true winner is that person who has own hearts and accolades in every direction they aim towards. Entrepreneurship is that league of business where an idea is the king! The more innovative and unique it is, the greater its chance to be absorbed by the audience.

Well-known personalities all over the world do not stick only one route of income throughout their career. They try out inventive business initiatives to invest their earnings. They believe in the idea of calculated risk and know when to take it. Because of their shrewd sense of judgment that makes all the difference.

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Innovative ideas that made unconventional entrepreneurs

  • Tucker Max- A quintessential storyteller who was rejected by all major publishing houses. Instead of giving up, he displayed his comical sense on the internet and became a sensation within a matter of time.
  • Jessica Abla- Since her debut in the entertainment world, Jessica has been one of the most approached female stars. But what makes her different is her offscreen business. She is the co-founder of a company that features in body care products sans chemicals called The Honest Company. This undertaking caused a huge increment in Jessica‚Äôs celebrity net worth.
  • Tyra Banks- Began as a supermodel; Tyra is also a hardcore business woman and is an influential name in both entertainment and commercial industries. She is the CEO of her own production firm called Bankable Productions and also runs her own successful cosmetics line called Tyra cosmetics. Her net worth was estimated around $75 million.

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