Strains of kratom

The effectiveness of the strain of kratom is measured by the potency, effects, experience, and quality.  There are many reasons why some strains are superior to the other. How the particular strain of kratom will affect, you will depend on the chemistry of one’s body, their tolerance, dosage and the tolerance.  If the kratom strains suityou, then it will provide you full satisfaction.  Here some of the strains of kratom are described below:

Kratom strains

  • Maeng Da: It is the most famous strain of the kratom. It is mainly found in the land of Thailand. It is bought by many kratom users. It is termed to be the powerhouse as it has the strongest effects. The effect of this strain is so high that the vendors also tell that only the experienced fan of kratom should use this.


  • Red Bali: It is said to provide the most relaxing effect which is available on the market. It is grown in the land of Borneo and not Bali. The name originated when the farmer wastraveling from Borneo to Bali for shipping the products. This strain will cut down all the stress, and the anxiety level will go down. It helps in muscle relaxation as well as pain relieving and will give you a good sleep.


  • Green Borneo: It is the best strain which has the quality of both of the above strains. With the relaxing effect, it will also give you energizing effect. The effect of this strain will work harmoniously and will compliment the effect of each other.


  • White Borneo: This strain was used by the ancient people as apotent stimulant which will make your day much more productive as well as enjoyable. The energy that is provided by this strain is much simple, right and plain. The metal focus will increase the passion and drive, and you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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