Top richest celebrities and their income source

In the world there are many people who are huge fan of the celebrities. People always desire to know about the hobbies and activity of their favorite celebrity. If you want to know about the income source, activities and other favorite works then you are at the perfect destination. Klay Alexander Thompson who is a professional basketball player of America has the salary near about 3 million dollar. Michael Dell’s net worth is 17.5 billion dollar and he is one of the richest celebrities in the world. Dell has become the leading and best sellers of computer to the global level. With the total net worth of 7 million dollar, Miranda Cosgrove becomes the richest woman in the world. She is a popular celebrity who is an actress and singer both. Jennette McCurdy always comes in the list of popular and richestcelebrities who has the net worth of 5 million dollar.


Know more about the richest celebrities

Along with knowing about the net worth of your favorite celebrities you can easily be aware about their activities and living of style. Many people are huge fan of Austin Mahone who was born in 4 April 1996. Austin is a famous singer and songwriter whose net worth is 5 million dollar. Melinda Gates is one of the most powerful and influential women who has the net worth more than 40 billion dollar.

Some of the richest celebrities are singer, songwriter, businessman, businesswoman and athletes who turn their net worth to the highest level with their dedication and hard working. To find more about the celebrities and their biography you can visit to and know about the favorite activities of your favorite richest celebrity. The celebrities have the best net worth and living a luxurious life in their own way.