What are the ways of advertising on YouTube?

On YouTube, there are different types of advertising. One is in the traditional display circuit next to the videos or so-called overlay in-video ads, which appear transparent in the lower part of the video. Here is paid per impression.

In the United States, about 68 percent of adults watch the online video over the past months. In Europe, it is even 71 percent. The latest study by CISCO shows that online video is 13.2 percent of the fastest growing Internet market. YouTube is the most popular online video portal in Germany: According to Statistics, it has 37.7 million unique users every month. The platform offers excellent opportunities to promote its brand.


Since 2010 there is the True View In-Stream advertising, which is surely known to you? This is, for example, the commercial that is played before a video and you have to wait five seconds before you can get it away. Advertisers must pay for this advertisement only if viewed for more than 30 seconds. Therefore you should make sure that the beginning of the spot captivates the viewer and stimulates them to look at the complete spot. Google’s ad chief Neal Mohan announced in the middle of last year that meanwhile 86 percent of the advertising on YouTube are designed in True View format.

YouTube offers enough other advantages

In the times of content marketing, video content is becoming increasingly important. The people want to see visualized content; in particular short, amusing videos come well. YouTube is the largest online video community in the world. With skillful headlines and tags, you can generate a lot of views across the platform, giving you a great deal of attention to your brand tips for your own YouTube account: “How to get your YouTube Brand Channel on the road to success.


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